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Obama Mentions Tagu Films Producer in His Speech

President Obama talks to ASEAN youth at the Yangon University.


On his second visit to Myanmar this week, American President Barack Obama gave a speech to ASEAN youth at the Yangon University. In his speech, he mentioned our producer Lamin Oo as a young leader doing important work for his country through documentary films. Here’s an excerpt from the speech:


“Your generation has a greater potential to shape societies than any generations that have come before because you have the power to get knowledge from everywhere. And you have more sophistication and experience than your parents or your grandparents…


Lamin Oo uses his power to tell the stories of his fellow Burmese. He studied at Gettysburg College in the United States. The transformation he watched unfold through Facebook inspired a return home and make award-winning documentary about the plight of Burmese farmers. And he says, “my country has be closed so long that there are a lot of stories to be told.” So you, young people, have the chance to tell those stories….


There is so much to build here. In countries this, it is critical that you get involved in that way.”

Everyone here at Tagu is proud of Lamin. And we are once again reminded of the gratitude we owe to the honest and courageous farmers who shared their stories in making of This Land Is Our Land, our documentary about the struggles of Myanmar farmers.


This is also a testament to the major role that documentary-filmmaking plays in our country and the hard work of all the Myanmar independent filmmakers in this transitional period.

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